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In Memory of Michael

October 12th, 2007 · 2 Comments · CatPalaceUSA Family

August 14, 2007 
Michael Passed Away Today from Heart Failure


Michael had heart problems for the past six months.  He was on a daily dosage twice daily to keep his arteries open from blockage.  He was only 4 years old and one of my most favorite cats. We will really miss him.  Blessed am I… for Michael passing my way.  He has brought lots of happiness and joy to our Family. 

Michael was adopted and brought into the Cat Palace USA family several years ago.  He was abandoned by his family and just dropped off at the Human Society.  Vern knew him because his ex-wife gave birth to him and his sisters from a barn cat.  When we found out he was abandoned on a Friday, we adopted him the next Monday.

Michael was an unusual cat because he loved to communicate with you by constantly talking to you all day long.  Wherever you went, Michael would follow and constantly chatter.  He loved the great out doors and would spend countless hours bathing in the sun, playing with the mice in the field and chasing his brothers and sister around the property.  When Vern came home from work, Michael was always waiting for him on the front porch.  He would immediately start talking to you when one got out of the car.  When it was time for him to come in for the evening, you could call for him and no matter where he was in the fields, Mike would always let you know where he was and come running home as fast as he could. 

Michael was the King of the household and all the other cats knew he was dad’s favorite.   This last week his sister, Teetle, has been in morning looking for Michael everywhere.  We told her that he has going to heaven and that he is ok.  We regret that he had such a short life.  

Michael has been cremated to be placed with Father’s remains in the future.  He will never be separated from his loved ones and his family for eternity.  We all really miss him alot.  He was just one kind of individual that you will always miss and remember the moments spent with him in his short life. 

Michael, we all love you very much and will miss your presence.  Please be well and enjoy heaven as much as you did at home with your family.


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  • jazz

    What a beautiful putty tat… and a wonderful heartfelt memorial.

  • clthomas1

    I know exactly how you feel. I lost my beloved Casanova in June the same way. He was only about 7 and a half years old and the joy of my life. He had shown no signs of illness, so I was totally in shock.

    He was a very special cat to me and to lose him so young just killed me inside. We had a very special bond, so his loss has been really difficult to get through.

    At least he did not suffer and showed no signs of discomfort or pain. It’s as if he just laid down and never got back up. He will always own a piece of my heart.

    From the way that you describe Michael’s personality, he and Casanova had a lot in common. Let’s hope they’re chasing each other around heaven.

    Commiserating Cousin in California

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