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Eliminating the Litter Smell

February 10th, 2009 · 1 Comment · Attractive Litter Box, Cat Furniture, Litter Box Alternatives


Cat lovers around the world know that the smell of cat litter can be a little nerve wracking, and that is often why we put the litter box in an out of the way place.  However, there are a number of methods to mask the scent of cat litter and odors without a whole lot of effort.  First of all, an air purifier can be a great solution to eliminating the unpleasant smell of cat litter boxes.  If you don’t have an air purifier or don’t wish to purchase one, you can also use air freshener with an odor eliminator.  It’s important that the air freshener contains an odor eliminator otherwise it’s just covering the smell.  You might also consider switching your litter as some litters don’t contain the odor eliminating products others do. 

Find the solution that works for you, and your home will be free from the litter box odor and you can focus on enjoying the company of your cat!


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  • sarah021

    We have a small house and 5 cats! That does not make for a good mix. One of our cats leaves a horrible smell after she goes. Never thought of getting an air purifier. I may havta look into that!

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