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Tick and Flea Season is Coming Soon

March 19th, 2009 · No Comments · Cat Care, Tick and Flea Control

auzziecat_memoryCat Palace USA  co-founder Auzziecat knows from his old age the tick and flea season is just about here.  With 62 percent of households owning pets – 68 million dogs and 73 million cats in the U.S. – it’s no wonder that it sometimes seems like a continuous problem with flea and tick infestation. Even the most diligent pet owner can’t eliminate the risk of fleas or ticks, and when preventive methods fail, it’s time to get tough with these parasites. The scenario is fictional. But it depicts this fact: Left uncontrolled, bloodsucking pests can infest not just your cat or dog, but your entire house–and you!

Choosing Your Parasite Control Products

Products that aid in flea and tick control come in many forms, including shampoos, spot-ons, sprays, wipes, dips, collars, foggers and dusts. Some act as repellents; some kill adult fleas and ticks; and some attack the immature fleas, preventing them from developing into adults that reproduce and continue the life cycle. Some products do all three. To select the best product, always read the label carefully, follow directions exactly, and never use products intended only for dogs on cats. Flea and tick control products are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency

Flea control

New once-a-month flea products work well enough and fast enough that even if you have a heavy flea infestation, you won’t need to fumigate your house or spray the yard.  Simply treat your your pets.  Fleas jump on pets, fleas die.  All of our Flea and Tick control products are in domestic packaging and are EPA Approved! None of our Flea and Tick products are imported or UK flea products. We have the lowest prices on Frontline, K9Advantix and Advantage Flea and Tick Control on the Internet. Buy your Flea and Tick Control Products from Cat Palace USA with confidence knowing you are getting genuine made in the USA flea and tick control.


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