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A Cats Tail – it’s way of communicating with you

June 2nd, 2009 · No Comments · Cat Toys


Here at Cat Palace USA we have seven cats that entertain the owner Vern Munushian on an hourly bases.  He can actually tell the mood of his feline friends by understanding all of their various tail signs.  When his friends tail is fully erect with the tip stiffly vertical he knows that this is an intense greeting with no reservations.  This usually happens in the morning when everyone is getting up to socialize and  pay attention to Vern who is about to feed everyone.   When his friends tail is slightly and softly curved  Vern knows the cats are interested in something like  playing with a toy mouse on the floor.

Have you ever watched your cat stalk a bird, mouse or other moving criter outside.  Notice is tail is swishing slowly from side to side just before they pounce to catch the creature.  They will also start  twitching their tail just at the tip means it is  sign of curiosity and excitement about the prey.

Notice when two cats start growling at each other the tails may be lowered and tucked between their hind legs signaling the defeat to totally submissive showing its lowly social status within the family. This behavior will eventually go away when they all become buddies.

And finally, when their tail looks like a question mark this often means they are in a playful mood.  You should pull out their cat toys and spend a good time for a play session with your partners.


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