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Purring is what Cat’s do most when they are happy

June 5th, 2009 · No Comments · Cat Grooming


When your setting on the couch and your cat joins you, what do you think happens when they are in a happy comfortable mood. Well they fold their paws under the chin and start purring while licking your hand. The question is why do they purr.  As you know cats purr when they are contented and generally happy.  If you have spent a lot of time with a happy cat in your lap, you will notice that the cat purrs both when she inhales and when she exhales.  So why your petting you feline friend who is totally content, start using your cat grooming tools and techniques  making her feel even better and loved.

Purring is the rhythmic vibrating sound that all cats can produce when they are in a content state. It is an instinctual response in domestic cats that can be seen at the onset of life when the newborn kitten purrs as it suckles milk from its mother. The mother cat often purrs back and there is a mutual feeling of reassurance. As they grow up, most kittens and cats continue to purr when they are content. This is often demonstrated by the purring that occurs when cat owners simply approach their pets, and of course when the pets are being petted.

There is still a lot that is unknown about cat purring. Researchers are still undecided as to the original location of purring. Seemingly coming from the larynx, exactly where the purring comes from is unknown. There are interesting discoveries being made however. Current veterinary neurological theories about cat purring do demonstrate that during purring the cat’s brain releases endorphins, a chemical compound similar to morphine. This is the same hormone that humans produce when they feel euphoric but also while under stress. Further research into the genetic aspects of purring continue as well.

Because it’s very difficult for the “experts” to examine the innards of a cat while she’s purring, no one seems to really know exactly why or how cats purr. “It seems that purring is sort of a Zen thing. Cats purr because they can,” according to Susan Daffron


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