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Auzziecat’s Opinion on eating healthy foods

June 8th, 2009 · No Comments · Cat Care, Cat Food and Treats, Cat Health, Life's Abundance Premium Cat Food

auzziecatBackground information: Cat Palace USA site was dedicated in memory of “Auzziecat” (April 1992 to August 2004) who was our family feline friend that inspired the creation Cat Palace USA.  He was the father figure of Joey, JJ and Katie cats. This is just one of many stories originally presented by Auzziecat when it was all started in 2000.

Joey said, “JJ, how do you suppose our old buddy, Auzzie, keeps so fit and energetic?” “I guess I’ve never given it much thought,” JJ replied, “Lets ask him and see what he says.”As if he had overheard them talking, Auzzie walked into the room and sat down facing them. “My ears are burning, have you been talking about me?” he said.

“Well”, said Joey, “As a matter of fact we were. We were wondering how you older guys keep so healthy!” Auzzie paused in thought and then said, “I am going to tell you something that will answer your questions about being healthy and long-lived. It doesn’t start when you are old, it starts when you are young and still in your formative stage,” Auzzie went on. “It is having a balanced, tasty nutritious and healthy diet that gives you the energy to live life to its fullest.”
“Some scientists say that us felines, and uh, dogs too, should live 25 to 30 years but yet the average is only approximately 12 to 14 years. “Lack of proper nutrition is a key factor. That and not getting the care necessary to prevent other health problems that are always present.” Auzzie concluded with, “So, you see, that’s it. Good nutrition and good health care!”

Both Joey and JJ were silent. Then Auzzie said, “Let’s have some of that good nutrition I was telling you about. Here it is, Life’s Abundance Premium Health Cat Food. I have been on it since I was about your age. It is formulated by Dr. Jan Bicks to provide a healthy well balance diet with all the ingredients like vitamins, minerals, fats and fatty acids essential for the best health. Dig in and enjoy!”


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