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Joey’s & JJ discussion about cat litter boxes

June 9th, 2009 · No Comments · cat litter box, Cat Litter Box Cover, Litter Box Alternatives


“JJ,” said Joey, “Have you noticed how much time Mom and Dad spend cleaning up our old litter box?”

JJ, who had been sitting in the Habikat Cat Patio watching the leaves falling in the yard said, “Well, I
haven’t been keeping a record of it but they both spend some time getting it cleaned up and in order.
Why do you ask?”

Joey nodded and then went on, “Auzzie said that it is going to be a hard winter after this drought we’ve
had and he thinks we might be spending more time indoors this winter. I know that I hate going out in
the cold.”

JJ replied, “What’s your point? How does one affect the other?”

Joey stretched and went on, “The other day when we were over at Maggie’s house for her birthday party
I noticed that she had a LitterMaid litter box near the backdoor. When I mentioned it to her she said that
her folks had found that it was the best way to keep the area neat and clean. I thought that with
Christmas coming on we might get one for Mom and Dad, to make their lives a little easier.”

“Have you asked Auzzie what he thinks?” JJ asked.

Joey replied, “He seems to know a lot about the different models of cat litter boxes there are. He said theyare easy to use and the are self-cleaning, too! The specially designed receptacles make the cleaning job
a snap.”


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