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Taking care of your cat!

June 21st, 2009 · No Comments · Cat Health

Cat with tooth brushMost people think that their cat does not need much care.  This is not true!  Cats should be taken care of just like any other pet you would have.

First off you should cat proof your home.  Make sure that there are not any plants or poisons (like cleaners) that your cat can get into and get sick from.
Watch your cats teeth or watch the way that they eat.  If it looks like they are only eating on one side then there might be a tooth problem. Take your cat to the vet to have its teeth checked regularly.
A cats diet is very important.  Try not to overfeed your cat depending on how much exercise it gets.  An indoor – outdoor cat will need more food then a cat that is only indoors.
Try to keep your cat groomed by brushing its hair at least once a week.  Hair mats can be very painful, by keeping your cat groomed you will assure that hair mats will not appear.
If you cannot bath your cat wipe him or her down with a wet washcloth.

By taking care of the cat health your cat can live for a long time.


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