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Cats and Counter Tops

August 27th, 2009 · No Comments · Uncategorized

catcounterSome cats have the annoying habit of jumping up on the countertop or table. They may be looking for food or just want a better view of their surroundings. With a little patience, it’s possible to train your cat to keep off the countertops

There are many good reasons why your cat should stay off the counter. Cats spend a fair amount of time each day in their litter box, scratching around and covering up their waste. Although they frequently “wash” their paws with their tongues, it is likely that some traces of urine and feces will remain on their paws to be deposited on your countertops in molecular concentrations.

Well there is now a new product available called Pawz Away Spray Deterrent that is a small unit the size of alarm clock. Pet safe Pawz Away Spray Deterrent monitors for movement up to 3 feet away. When your cat is detected, the Pawz Away Spray Deterrent sends a quick, safe spray that startles your pet. Your cat quickly learns to avoid areas that are off-limits. Effective for both dogs and cats of all sizes, PetSafe Spray Deterrent is a safe, humane stimulus to deter your cat from jumping on countertops, digging in trash or entering restricted areas.


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