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Giving Birth With Your Kittens

March 22nd, 2010 · No Comments · Cat Care, Cat Supplies

cats giving birth 3 Giving Birth with your kittens problems are rare to say the least.  Don’t ever try to fuss with your cat when she’s giving birth.  Just monitor her activities in case there may be problems.  We had to help our cat Samantha with her last kitten Michael because he was having problems coming out of the womb. If we had not reached in a pull Michael out he may have died during child birth.

A good parent monitor’s her activities after her cat gives birth to her kittens. The mother usually licks away the membranes and stimulates each kitten to take their first breath.  If she fails to do this important job, you may have to intervene with your loving care. You should note that further contractions may arise in expelling the placenta which is eaten by your cat after she chews through each umbilical cord.  She doest this to prevent predations from predators that her litter are helpless kittens.

Shortly after birth your cats first instinct is to keep her babies together and move they from danger. She carries them one at a time by the scruff. When we helped give birth to Samantha kittens, my wife was constantly interceding with her kittens and she removed them from her site and placing her kittens behind our office desk pushed up against the wall.  It became a real task to retrieve them because the were in a place in an area only 3 inches wide.

Shortly after birth during the first few weeks, her kittens depends of mom to stimulate all the her babies body functions.  She licks each kitten dry to prevent it from getting cold.  She also licks their faces to make sure they are clear of mouth and nostrils of mucus

Once your kittens become to the adoption age, usually a minimum of eight weeks, make sure your interview all prospective new owners before you give up your precious babies. We have always told our new adoptive parents if they can not keep the cat for any reason to return them to us for keeping them ourselves or finding them a new home. Make sure you send them to Cat Palace USA for all there cat supplies for their new baby kittens.


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