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How I Tamed my Ferral Cats

March 23rd, 2010 · No Comments · Cat Houses, Out Door Cat House

Jessie Jane and Michael

Many cats are born in the wild and have very difficult time finding shelter food and water.  I have seven cats of which two (Jessie Jane and Michael picture left) are feral cats found as kittens in a neighbors barn.  Once I had the cats visit the vet to review their health, I had to contain them in the bedroom to keep them away the other cats.  I put food and water out, introduced them to the litter box and bought them toys so they wouldn’t get bored.   They both spent for about two weeks hiding under the bed, hissing, meowing and otherwise letting their displeasure be known.  Then came the time to start taming the pair of kittens to me and the rest of the cats.

Taming these lovely cats required talking to them.  Using a calming, soothing tone and talking softly.  I had to let them come to me not making any sudden moves.  Once they felt comfortable with me and the surroundings I started introducing them to the other cats.  This took almost two months of hiding, hissing and letting the other cats know of their displeasure.

Ferrel cats can make beautiful life time friends. Once your new Ferrel kittens are settled in, getting along with the family of feline friends, you will have a cat that will give you love for years. These cats can be standoffish or very cuddly. It depends on you and circumstances. The cuddly ones will be wonderful pets, and the standoffish ones will be very attached to you but won’t care for strangers at all. It will take time. How much time it takes will depend on the cat. Eventually, that cat who wouldn’t come near you or would bite and scratch if you got too close, will wrap itself around your legs and purr.

If you don’t ever adopt Ferrel the cats around your home, you should at least provide them with food and provide an out door cat house to protect them from cold weather in the winter.


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