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March 25th, 2010 · No Comments · Cat Toys

Cats FrendsHow do you get two cats to become Pals.  I experimented  this though for many years.  Over the years I have raised and committed a life long friendship with about 25 cats.  The problem I experienced was how do you get two new cats to accept each other as friends.  This is a very tricky problem because by nature cats are independent, not very sociable, pretty much on their own and do not seem to need or seek company. This year I finally figured out how to make them socialize with each other and become good friends.  Cats scent is one of the most valuable communication tool.  Finally now recognizing this phonoman,  I started with a laser pin when my two new cats were just laying around the bedroom floor.  When I use the laser pin they both started chasing the spot around on floor with each other trying to catch the spot and falling all over themselves.  Their cat scent left on the rug and each other  just got them to become familiar with each other. Its just like when your cat rubs up to your to leave his scent on your arm or leg.  With this in mind, I purchased an interactive cat toy where both of them could play at the same time   With both of their scent splattered all over the toy the became good friends. I later learned when I wasn’t around they spent hours together playing and after a few weeks they became old buddies.  Now how easy was that?


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