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Cat Scratching Problems?

March 26th, 2010 · No Comments · Cat Scratching Post


Have you come home and found your expensive drapes shredded to ribbons, your sofa in shambles or deep gouges in your bed posts.  I guess you are wondering why do your cat scratch?

Well, they scratch for a veriety of reasons, but you need to know this is basically normal cat behavior.  Cats scratch to work off their energy, to stretch their bodies and flex their claws, to remove the dead outer layer of their claws, and to mark their territory. Given the fact that cats actually need to scratch, there is no point in trying to prevent them from doing so. Instead, focus on directing their scratching away from objects that you value to objects which serve that very purpose.

Cat scratching posts and mats are your solution to prevent damage in the future.  Place scratching post near the area you cat continues to go to and show him or hear that it is there for enjoyment.  I have a rather large carpeted cat furniture where all my now go to fulfill their basic scratching behavior.  You should also look at cat scratching post in the mat form.  You can put these small items around everywhere you cat is having a problem.  After a while your cat will not bother your precious furniture, upholster and wood items in your home.


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