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Litter Box Problems?

April 4th, 2010 · No Comments · Attractive Litter Box, Cat Litter Box Cover, Litter Box Alternatives

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There are five major reasons your cat stop using his/hers littler box

1.  Litter box is dirty.  If the box is dirty, your cat will probably go somewhere else in your house.

2.  Using the “wrong” litter. Some cats prefer some types of litter over others. If you cat doesn’t like the litter, he’ll stop using the box.

3.  Litter box is placed in an undesirable location, or the cat is blocked from the box by a more dominating cat in the household.

4.  Box size is too small or there are too few boxes. If you have multiple cats, there needs to be lots of clean boxes – at least one per cat.

5.  Medical problems including diabetes, cystitis & bladder stones. Always have your cat examined by your vet to make sure there isn’t an underlying medical problem.

One way to solve your problem is a self cleaning litter box.  If you can’t get to cleaning daily try using the electronic cat litter boxes.  There are several type in different price ranges.  If it a dirty litter box problem, you’ll be really surprise the efficiency of a automatic new box.


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