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The Happy Purr of a Cat

May 20th, 2010 · No Comments · Cat Furniture

All domestic cats are born with the purring ability. The mother cat will purr while giving birth. It is unknown whether this is because of happy anticipation, or whether it is a relaxing “mantra.” All of her kittens instinctively purr when nursing, and the mom-cat purrs right back at them. Your favorite cat will purr at the drop of a hat whenever you’re near, especially when you are holding or petting him.

Cat purrs will range from a deep rumble to a raspy, broken sound, to a high-pitched trill, depending on the physiology and/or the mood of a cat. A cat will often “wind-down” when going to sleep, with a long purring sigh that drops melodically from a high to a low pitch. Does your cat’s purr sometimes sound like an idling diesel engine? That’s because at the lower range of 26 Hertz, the velocities are nearly the same. A happy cat will sit up high in the cat furniture and just purr all day long, that is when they are not cat napping.


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