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Diabetes Mellitus with your Cat

May 25th, 2010 · No Comments · Cat Health


Diabetes is a very complicated and fairly common disease of older cats. It is estimated to occur in approximately 1 of every 400 cats. Diabetes is  referred to as “sugar diabetes” because of the abnormal level of sugar in the bloodstream of cats with the disease. Although affecting cats of any breed, sex, or age, diabetes most often occurs in older, obese individuals; males are more commonly afflicted than females. The exact cause of the disease in cats is not known.

Diabetes is not a death sentence for your cat. Diabetes in cats is a treatable disorder. Many cat owners are able to control their cat’s condition for years, and the animals lead normal, happy lives. The treatment generally entails giving insulin injections once or twice a day, though a small number may be controlled through diet and oral medication.

Signs of Diabetes in your cat.  Polyuria, polydipsia, increased appetite, weight loss, and lethargy are hallmark signs of diabetes in pets. In cats, a disorder called neuropathy that causes weakness in the rear legs is often what led to a diagnosis. In the earlier stages of the disease, cats remain active and alert with few other signs of disease. However as the disease progresses concurrent conditions often appear, such as poor hair-coat, liver disease, and secondary bacterial infections become more common. A dangerous condition called ketoacidosis may develop in some cats.

A diabetic cat may live many healthy years with owners who are willing to put forth the effort of monitoring the cat’s condition daily. A cat’s wellness is broadcast by a constellation of behaviors, and the only one who knows him well enough for his cat care to get the message early is you, who lives with him and cares enough to observe closely and thoughtfully.


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