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Grooming your Cat

June 9th, 2010 · No Comments · Cat Grooming, Cat Health

Cat grooming tool (2)As far as cats are concerned, cleanliness is next to godliness. And most cat owners agree. It’s a pleasant side of your cat – grooming and licking himself until his fur is soft and shiny. We all love a clean pet. A normal adult cat will spend up to 30 percent of its waking time grooming itself. This figure could be higher or lower for companion cats, depending on their activity level, the type of food they eat, and their general health.

By nature, cats are extremely fastidious. You’ve no doubt watched your kitty washing herself several times a day. For the most part she can take care of herself very well, thank you, but sometimes she’ll need a little help from you.  Grooming sessions should be fun for the both of you, so be sure to schedule them when your cat’s relaxed, perhaps after exercise or eating.  Regular sessions with a brush or comb will help keep your pet’s hair in good condition by removing dirt, spreading natural oils throughout her coat, preventing tangles and keeping her skin clean and irritant-free. If your cat has short hair, you only need to brush once a week, or if your cat has long hair, you will need to brush every day.

We use the newest technique FURminator cat grooming deshedding tool specially designed shed-less treatment for cat.  FURminator’s unique blade is designed to remove loose hair like no other. Cat groomers love this deshedding brush because it removes undercoat hair from cats while leaving the shiny top coat intact and healthy. This unique grooming brush is specially designed to dramatically reduce the mess and clean up of unwanted pet hair.


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