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How does your cat show you his love?

July 16th, 2010 · No Comments · Cat Care, Cat Health

kneading catCats can sometimes adopt a blanket and use it like a security blanket. This will include lots of kneading, purring and suckling at the blanket. In some cases, cats have been observed to exhibit sexual movements accompanying the kneading and suckling. Kittens who are taken away from their mothers before they are fully weaned may also develop a habit of kneading a human whom they have adopted as a maternal figure, and suckling their ear, eye, nose, hair, shirt or fingers. Cats will also do this to fuzzy stuffed animals, such as teddy bears. Cats mainly do so as kittens, but sometimes the behavior continues into adult life.

How many times are you awaken with your favorite cat kneading your chest? I have seven cats whom are always kneading me throughout my day. Some of the main reasons why cats knead are they are just plain happy cats, the front paw action is exactly what your cat did as a nursing kitten, it is also a form of territorial making, they knead the sleeping area to make a fluffy bed for herself, they love you to death any your should consider it’s a compliment if your kitty decides to work its paws on you instead of a blanket.  Just remember your cat health is just another part for his kneading love for you!


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