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Cat Behavior

July 19th, 2010 · No Comments · Cat Lovers Gifts

cat loveCats are one of the happy creatures in our universe.  One really needs to understand there daily behavior in order to interact with our favorite feline friends. 

Cats are mainly territorial. They want to establish territories to avoid chance encounters with other cats that could lead to fighting and injury.  Marking their territory can be through scratching, spraying, urine and rubbing. They leave visual and scent marks which gives information such as sex, age and health to other feline neighbors.

Cats love routines.  Whether feeding, litter box cleaning, grooming, or playing, cats anticipate these activities the same time they occur every day and any changes that diverts from the familiar agitates your cat. We just don’t notice it, but house cats are well aware of the daily activities in the household.

On average, cats spend about 60% of its existence in sleeping and one third of their waking hours grooming. Grooming consists of mainly licking and rubbing of the wet paws to areas that cannot be reached by their tongues.

A feeling of contentment can usually cause a cat to purr. When they are relaxed, happy and well-fed, cats purr among themselves. However, purring can also mean that a cat is asking you for comfort especially when it is hurt or suffering pain.

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