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Where the Cats Lie

July 27th, 2010 · No Comments · Cat Food and Treats, CatPalaceUSA Family, Uncategorized

jazz 1Every morning when I make a new pot of coffee, Jazz cat is right there on the kitchen counter wanting his cat food.  He also wants his morning coffee with breakfast.  When I then go into my office he is lying on my computer.  When when I go to the bathroom he is following.  And when I get ready to go to work and lay my coat on the bed, he is there kneading it into shape to take a nap.

Why do cats like to lie on things, such as pieces of paper, folded bedding, clothing or whatever.

There are several  reasons why my cats do this.  Our feline friends like to be near us.  Jazz knows that if he plops himself right under my nose, he will get all the good attention. And is is right.  I stop what ever I’m doing a pay attention to his every whim. I think Jazz Cat has a need for my warmth and security.  He just leaves his scent on anything that belongs to me because it just makes him feel better and more secure.

Jazz also likes small spaces and this is probably the reason he likes a folded towel, magazine or my coat on the bed.  Or it might just another reason to be with me. Whatever the reason, it’s just another fascinating aspect of Jazz cat behavior for you to observe. So when your cat is suddenly lying on your newspaper right under your nose, take advantage of this compliment and pay her some attention. The quirkiness of cats is just one of the reasons we love them and find them so fascinating.


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