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How and Why your Cat Communicates with you

July 30th, 2010 · No Comments · Cat Care

Why cats meowWhy do cats meow?  There are many, many reasons.  I have seven cats and they all unmistakable have different meows for various reasons.

Teetle meows everywhere I go.  I call her little Miss chatty Kathy.  Basically all she wants is all my attention and love

Jazz cat only meows when he wants to go outside.  He will sit at the bedroom door with a crying type meow to let him outside.  He also sits at the door to be let out.

When I come into the bed room, Mrs. Kitty will start given me a large meow because she whats to be feed.   She doesn’t stop until I fill her food bowl.

Michael used to hiss allot when I first got him.  He was just letting my other cats to back off in no uncertain terms.

Samantha just gives a low quite meow when she want your attention while laying in bed.

Seven only meows when he is hungry or wants to go outside.

Jessie Jane meows at the other cats when she wants to play.

So knowing your cats meows will give you communication skills with your feline friends.  Cats are generally trying to communicate with you when they meow. A lot of times it’s very easy to tell why they are doing it because they will be pretty clear about what they want. They meow when they want love and attention, when they want to be feed, when they want to go outside, when they want other cats to leave them alone and for just every other reason to communicate with you their need and desires.  Remember understanding your cat is just part of the cat care need for your happy cat family.


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