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When Cats Become Senior Citizens

August 29th, 2010 · No Comments · Attractive Litter Box, cat litter box, Cat Litter Box Cover


Mrs. Kitty is our oldest cat and requires lots of attention and TLC because she just turned 16 this month.  Thats 80 years old equivalent to humans.  And Cat’s age 20 years are equivalent human age 90 years. Mrs. Kitty requires special needs daily to keep her happy and healthy. An older cat needs more care to make sure that he or she will enjoy a good a quality of life.  Cats become seniors citizens at the age of eight and develop special needs.

If you have a senior cat the following are thing to consider:

  •  Sometimes the old cats resort to improper elimination.  You  must be patient and provide them own cat litter boxes withing a few feet from their bed.  I purchase a bedroom side cabinet with a litter box for her litter needs.
  • As you are aware, cats spend a great amount of time grooming themselves.  Because they have problems doing so you’ll need to be  patient comb and groom your Cat dailey.  Only spend need 5 or 10 minutes.
  • As your Cat ages it will require dental cleanings at regular intervals. Not, they will also require additional blood tests and medications. Some cats even may develop chronic health problems that may require serge in your medical costs.
  • And finally  for proper nutition change their daily food requirement to senior pet food.


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