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How to Give Pill Medication to a Cat

August 31st, 2010 · No Comments · Cat Care

Cat owners sooner or later will have to administer medications to their cats. There are several methods to get the medicine into cats, and some are easier than others.

Put a little butter on the pill and hold the pill in between the thumb and forefinger . Put the cat in your lap and with your other hand, gently grip the cat’s upper jaw above its snout. Use the thumb and forefinger of that hand to pull up on the upper jaw just behind the pointy canine teeth. Use the second and third fingers of the dominant hand to push down on the lower back teeth as you push the pill down into the cat’s throat.

Rub the cat’s chin and throat to encourage it to swallow the pill. Offer the cat some water to help wash down the pill.

You can use the Pill Pockets as another option for pilling cats. Simply press the pill into one of these treats and get your cat to eat it. Pill pockets can be purchased at most pet stores.

Your cats health is very important part of his life.  Cat care is just a part of what one needs to consider when raising you favorite feline friend.


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