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Cat Lover Gift

August 28th, 2011 · Cat Gift Basket, Cat Jewelry, Cat Lovers Gifts, Rhinestone Cat Collars

When you need a meaningful cat lover gifts for your cat lover  friends, or colleague and you know they cherish their pet; One of the perfect is cat gift baskets which we offer a large variety for every occasion. Cat t-shirts is another way to make a statement about their love of cats. Of course our cat jewelry is just lovely to wear to parties and other special events. And don;t forget to decorate your home with our luxurious cat pillows And of course, my perfect cat gift was a jewelled cat collar for Michael here.

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Invisible Fence for Cats

August 27th, 2011 · Cat Containment Systems

If your cat loves the greater outdoor one may consider getting them an invisible fence so they can roam your yard.  Cat fences with the new micro technology have designed receivers down to the size of a quarter.  Because of the dog technology it how makes small collars possible for your cat.  The new systems are relative inexpensive and provides a safe environment for your feline friends.

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Why Do You Need a Cat Carrier

August 21st, 2011 · Cat Carrier

There are several great reasons to get your cat a cat carrier. Cat carriers help keep your cat safe and in a secure environment. You’ll find the largest selection of both luxury and practical pet carriers for cats and small animals. Whether you’re going to the park, the veterinarians, traveling by car or embarking on airline travel with
your cat, you’ll be traveling in style with a carrier from our selection designer cat carriers. Some carriers have better security features and some are more durable than others. A good pet carrier should consist primarily of light materials. Some of the manufactures offer Airline Approved Pet Carriers for both Cabin and Cargo Hold Check-In.

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Sweetheart in Black Velvet

August 18th, 2011 · Cat Jewelry, Rhinestone Cat Collars

Your cat well be glamorous with  Rhinestone Cat Collars by Cat Palace USA. This Sweetheart in Black Velvet collar is 5/8″ wide with  3 rows of diamond clear Swarovski rhinestones. The stones are set in sterling silver plated prongs. It comes with the Swarovski crystal heart charm. Beautiful! What a perfect gift for your Czt on his/her birthday.

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How to Find Your Family

August 16th, 2011 · Loc8tor Cat Finder

 How many hours have you spent trying to find your cat when he escapes outside.  Or how many times have your worried about your kids leaving the yard.  Or how many times have you lost your car keys. Well, I’m here to tell you about the Loc8tor plus homing device.  New to the U.S. market the the Loc8tor will track up to 24 items and find any thing with its small transmitter attached.  It even has a panic button  which allows to notify you if the object has left the parameter you set to be notified.  For example, if you were shopping with your child and he/she was wearing the transmitter and left at a distance of 100 ft from you, the receiver would notify you immediately.  So things can be found up to 600 ft is one of the newest product available.

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Remember our Feral Cats – They Need Love Also

August 14th, 2011 · Cat Houses

Many of my fellow cat lovers look after our feral cat population because it is the right thing to do.  Jessie-Jane and Michael are examples of feral cats that live at Cat Palace USA.  We found them in a neighbors barn in the dead of winter and adopted them as part of our family. Both cats have gotten out of the house and had to make their way all alone outside.  Remember feral cats are usually afraid to approach people and just live in the wild.  Jessie-Jane left in May and to my surprised returned in November through the cat door.  Michael did the same in September and returned in January.  Winter is not far away and one should consider purchasing an outdoor cat house so your local feral cats will be protected from the winter cold, rain and snow.  Just remember, our feral cats need our love and help, just like our indoor feline friends.

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Cat Bed Anyone

August 12th, 2011 · Cat Beds

As we know our adorable feline friends spends up to eighteen hours each day sleeping. That’s why they need their own cat beds.  Cats are always seeking a warm and cozy spot. Cats crve a feeling of safety and security.  By giving him/her own cat bed, your favorite cat has a place to call its own and cuddled up in when the family won’t leave them alone. You can even position the bed so that snoozing and watching the birds outdoor are possible fro the same comfy zone.  Having his/her own cat bed will elimate the pouncing on your head and waking you up. It can also elimate them from leaving a pile of fur behind, plus the fleas they might carry.  So do yourself a favor, get them their own cozy bed.

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Why a drinking fountain for your Cat

August 11th, 2011 · Cat Drinking Fountain

Cat would always perfur to drink water whether from a flowing water fall, kitchen sink or just a pond.  Why? Because it is oxygenated, fresh, clean and purified.  How many times have you seen your cat drink from the mention sources.  So one needs to make their feline friend happy and well satisfied by purchasing a cat drinking fountain.  I have seven cats and they all drink from the flowing water rather than just from the bowl. Most fountains for cats offer various flow rates and carbon filters to remove unwanted particles found in city water.  Like you, you’ll be happy with purified water and your cat will say healthy, wealthy and wise.

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Cat Scratchers?

August 10th, 2011 · Cat Scratching Post

I just got off the telephone discussing there cat scratching furniture and other iems within their home.  One should note this is an instinctive part of a cats Antony and makeup.  It is very difficult on what product to purchase to resolve the problem of your cat to destroy your home.  I will discuss severl approaches over the next few months to help resolve this problem.  One of the first approaches is placing multiple cat scratching post around the home and actively encourage your cat to use them instead of furniture.  Last year I sold several to my cousin and her cats started using them immediately.  We had to send several more because each cat had to have their own place to go.  Put the scratching post in a convenient area. If you hide it, your cat may not be attracted to it.  A corner of the living room or bedroom is a good spot.  And beware of moving the post.  Cats may protest if you change what they consider the natural order of things.Since then my customer has purchase more scratch-er because her cats use them up.  I hope this is good information to help resolve cat scratchings. Please note:   De-clawing is not an acceptable option for the beautiful, loving animal  that depends on you.  The reasons to avoid declawing are compelling, for you as well as for your cat. De-clawing is literally maiming a cat, a mistake that can lead to physical, emotional and behavioral  complications.  It is erroneous to think that declawing a cat is a trivial procedure similar to trimming  fingernails.  A cat’s claws are a vital part of its anatomy, essential to balance, mobility and survival



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Our Family of Cats

August 9th, 2011 · Cat Supplies

I have been infatuate with Cats for over 40 years.  Seven of my most favorite have be cremated and awaiting to be taken with me upon my death.  We will all live happily ever after like we did when alive.  I still have seven feling friends today, which still requires an abundance of cat supplies.  In fact, they all sleep and eat better than I do.  No wonder, all my little friends are well taken care of.  Just remember, “they all love you forever”.

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